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Eefficiency is the primary quality parameter that any machining company needs to improve upon to grow and succeed. For any CNC machine to maintain its efficiency, it requires to be fed with highly precise Bars to ensure the least cycle time and highest repeatability with no stoppages. Machining costs and cost per component of Stainless steel material tends to increase with poor machinability index.
The key to Improved Machinability lies in the unique melting process with optimized non-metallic inclusions, optimal chemical composition. With our top‑of‑the‑line machinery, we have formulate comprehensive processes for manufacturing and machining bars that can optimize your production line and vastly impact your productivity.


Features of MaxEff bars

  • Size tolerance of f6,e8,h6,h7,h8,h9
  • Ground bars with less than 10 µm (micron) size variation.
  • Surface Finishing Of Up To Ra -0.3
  • Straightness Of Up To 0.2 - 0.3mm/meter or lower
  • Chamfered Bar Ends For Easy entry into the Collate/Bush
  • Bars with Zero Scratches Or Dents
  • NDT tested for 100% crack free supplies.

Value Addition

  • Minimal Downtime
  • Shorter Machining Cycle Time
  • Minimized Machine vibrations
  • Less Scrap And Rework
  • Better Dimensional Control with Cross‑ sectional Circularity
  • Greater accuracy for your finished parts
  • Nearly zero Crack‑related rejections

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