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the premier destination for high-quality stainless-steel bright bars. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver custom-made stainless steel products that are engineered to the highest standards of quality and precision.

Our commitment to quality and precision is reflected in our range of tailor-made solutions for a variety of industries, including automotive, watch material, implant steel, steel for solenoid valves, aerospace, construction, and more.

With a wide range of grades, sizes, shapes and finishes, we are sure to be able to fulfil all our customer requirements.


Creating Value

The way you conduct your business speaks volumes about your values and principles. We believe that how you do business is just as important as what business you do. We strive to conduct ourselves with integrity, transparency, and a customer-centric approach in everything we do, from product design to service delivery. Our commitment to ethical business practices and excellence is a core value that sets us apart and drives our success.



Delayed or early deliveries are expensive for you, some cost money the other costs time.

Eurostahl realises the importance of an efficient supply chain management. We work in a way which enables us to deliver our products to our clients within the promised time frame with the shortest possible lead time, without compromising on quality or precision.


Slovenia has a very distinctive advantage of being Centrally located. This allows us to delivery our products in less than 72 hours to Germany, Italy, Czech republic, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria.


Eurostahl performs material receipt inspection, production control inspection at operator level, as well as final inspection before shipment to assure this consistent level of quality. From end to end, each and every process the parameters are set by Eurostahl and monitoring is also done by us. This ensures great repeatability and consistency.


Our team of industry experts works closely with clients to gain a thorough understanding of their specific requirements, in order to provide the highest quality products and services. All material is supplied with the 3.1 mill test certificate ensuring all properties are as per customer specification.


All the production records are stored for 3 years or more. To ensure traceability not only during production but many years after material has been used in application.

Each bundle comes with a QR code, which contains all the information from heat number, grade, size, finish, tolerance and other detailed as requested. We can put a QR code sticker on each bar upon request.


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